The Kitchen Restaurant

Грузия , Тбилиси
One of the defining features of Rooms Hotel Tbilisi beyond all the artisanal touches is its classy Restaurant. Under the supervision of American Executive Chef, Francesco Manalo, who has honed his skills and artisanal techniques at the top New York City restaurants, has carefully assembled New American menu and offers guests savory food and exceptional dining experiences. We believe in using the freshest, seasonal local produce of the best-quality products. Everything offered on the menu is sustainably grown, locally farmed and wildly foraged. An open kitchen allows the guests to observe the food preparation process and see how the delectable end result is attained masterfully. (Информация взята из общедоступных источников) We created a place where people can simply celebrate living; where two-hour dinners are naturally/effortlessly extended out into 24/7 experience. The Kitchen, featuring separate entrance, is popular not only among hotel guests, but everyone who’s looking for a perfect space to eat, drink and socialize.